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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facilities

These facilities are overseen by our NMR Lab Manager.


300 MHz Mercury from Varian equipped with a BroadBand probe.
Software is VNMR 6.1C running on a Ultra 5.
Spill Over instrument used for classes and walkup usage.
400 MHz Varian Inova equipped with a 4-nuclei probe.
Software is VNMRJ1.1C running on a SUN Blade 150. This instrument is the main walkup instrument for the department.
Upgraded Varian 600 MHz Unity+ to Inova equipped with BroadBand probe, Bioprobe and H/F probe.The instrument is equipped with 3 channels and Z axis gradients.
Software version is VNMR 6.1C on a Sun Ultra 5. Has been in continuous operation since 1991!