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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Coordinator: Dr. Rekha Srinivasan

Research Activities

Undergraduate chemistry majors are encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program. The student should consult with faculty members in the department and select one under whose guidance the student undertakes a specific research project. The student has the opportunity to join a research group, to work with faculty, graduate students, and research associates. Many such research projects have resulted in papers published in scientific journals and co-authored by undergraduate students. Please consult the individual faculty member for information on the research.

Undergraduate Research/Independent Study Courses

CHEM 397: Undergraduate Research (1-6). Independent research for candidates for honors in chemistry and other qualified students. Not open to graduate students. Prerequisite: consent of department.

CHEM 398: Undergraduate Research/Senior Capstone Project (3-6). Independent project within a research group in the chemistry department or, by approval, within a research group in another Case department. Arrangements should be made by consultation with the faculty member selected and the Senior Capstone Committee of the chemistry department. Open to all chemistry majors and other qualified students. Satisfies the research requirement for Honors in Chemistry. A written report and public oral presentation is required. (Approved Sages Capstone) Prereq: Consent of department.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. CHEM 397 and CHEM 398 are normally taken by a student under the supervision of a faculty member (including those with a joint appointment in chemistry). Students who want to carry out CHEM 397 or CHEM 398 research with a faculty member in another department must designate a chemistry faculty member to act as co-adviser and submit a petition to the Undergraduate Committee for approval of the proposed project. The proposed project must be primarily chemistry-based in order to be approved.
  2. Registration for CHEM 397 or CHEM 398 requires a permit (available below), signed by the chemistry department faculty adviser, specifying the name of the research advisor and the number of credit hours agreed upon.
  3. At the end of each semester that CHEM 397 is carried out, the student must submit to the research adviser a comprehensive report of the work accomplished. A copy of the report must also be submitted to the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee. No grade for CHEM 397 will be issued without the comprehensive report.
  4. A maximum of 3 credit hours of CHEM 397 may be taken as Chemistry Electives. A maximum of 6 credit hours of CHEM 397 may be taken as Technical Electives. Additional credit hours of CHEM 397 may be taken as Open Electives.

Registration Permit Forms

Please see the Undergraduate Handbook for full details and requirements.

Faculty Research Summaries

Please see the faculty section for a list of specialties.

Summer Research Opportunities at CWRU

In past years, limited opportunities have been available for qualified undergraduate students from Case Western Reserve University and elsewhere to participate in on-going research projects. The appointments usually carry stipends, in which case no graduation credit is granted. Interested students should contact faculty members on their own initiative, since many of the summer research arrangements are made informally.


For more information, please see our Guide to Undergraduate Research in Chemistry at CWRU.

Page last modified: March 17, 2017