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Ormond Brathwaite

brathwaite_2012_300pxAdjunct Associate Professor
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cuyahoga Community College

216.368.2603      Millis 216

Interests: Biochemistry

BS, York College of City University of New York (CUNY)
MS, City College of CUNY
PhD, Graduate Center of CUNY
Postdoc, New York University Medical Center

Selected Publications
  • Li, J. M., Brathwaite, O., Cosloy, S. D., Russell, C. S. “5-Aminolevulinic Acid Synthesis in Escherichia coli”, J. Bacteriol. 1989, 171:2547-2552.
  • Brathwaite, O., Bayona, W., Newcomb, E. W. “p53 Mutations in C57BL/6J Murine Thymic Lymphomas Induced by gamma Irradiation and N-Methylnitrosourea”, Cancer Res. 1992, 52, 3791-3795.
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