The Department of Chemistry administrative offices are located in Clapp Hall, room 212. If you’re familiar with campus, the easiest way to find it is to take the Hovorka Atrium elevator to the second floor of Clapp. Exit the elevator to the right. The door to room 212 is at the end of the corridor.



The main entrance to the Pytte Science Center is through Hovorka Atrium. Clapp Hall is to the left. This view is from across Adelbert Road.

photograph of entrance to pytte science center, home of clapp hall, millis hall, and degrace hall

Maps to the Science Center


Standard Illustration

The map below is based on the one at the Visiting Case page. Note that it has been rotated such that Adelbert Road is horizontal. This map is simplified and omits Hovorka Atrium. Also note the location of the visitor parking garages.

illustrated map of adelbert road demonstrating where clapp hall is located

Satellite Image

Below is a sattelite view, based on Microsoft’s Bing Maps at For the interactive version (with fewer labels), click here.

Satellite map of adelbert rd and pytte science center

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