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Research Interests

Research Group


Alfred B. Anderson


materials, physical, computational, catalysis, interfacial

Mary D. Barkley

Distinguished University Professor, M. Roger Clapp University Professor of Arts and Science, and Chair, Department of Chemistry

analytical, biochemistry, physical, computational, biophysical, medicinal, spectroscopy

Clemens Burda

Chemical Professor

materials, physical, nanoscience, photochemistry, spectroscopy

Carlos E. Crespo-Hernández

Associate Professor and Co-director of the Center for Chemical Dynamics

analytical, physical, computational, biophysical, environmental, photochemistry, spectroscopy


Thomas Gray

Associate Professor

inorganic, organometallic, energy, synthesis

Malcolm E. Kenney

Hurlbut Professor of Chemistry

biochemistry, inorganic, materials, computational, bioinorganic, medicinal, organometallic, photochemistry, polymers

Irene Nga Wing Lee


biochemistry, bioorganic, catalysis, medicinal 

Drew A. Meyer

Instructor and John Teagle Professorial Fellow in Chemistry

Anthony J. Pearson

Rudolph and Susan Rense Professor of Chemistry

organic, catalysis, natural products, organometallic, synthesis

Emily B. Pentzer

Assistant Professor

materials, organic, energy, nanostructures, polymers, synthesis

John D. Protasiewicz

Professor & Associate Department Chair

inorganic, materials, catalysis,energy, main group, photochemistry, polymers, spectroscopy, synthesis

Robert G. Salomon

Charles Frederic Mabery Professor of Research in Chemistry

biochemistry, organic, bioorganic, chemical biology, medicinal, natural products, pharmacology, synthesis

Anna C. Samia

Associate Professor

analytical, inorganic, materials, energy, bioinorganic, functional nanomaterials

Geneviève Sauvé

Associate Professor

inorganic, materials, organic, physical, energy, functional polymers, organic electronics, solar energy conversion

Daniel A. Scherson

Frank Hovorka Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Ernest B. Yeager Center for Electrochemical Sciences

analytical, materials, physical, electrochemistry, photochemistry 

Rekha Srinivasan

Senior Instructor

biochemistry, organic, bioorganic, biophysical, chemical biology, medicinal, NMR, synthesis

Blanton S. Tolbert

Associate Professor

biochemistry, computational, biophysical, NMR, structural biology 

Rajesh Viswanathan

Frank Hovorka Assistant Professor in Chemistry

biochemistry, organic, bioorganic, biosynthesis, chemical biology, medicinal, natural products, synthesis

biochemistry, organic, bioorganic, biophysical, chemical biology, medicinal, NMR, structural biology


Other Appointments

Kenneth V. Adair

Full-time Lecturer

Mikhail D. Linetsky

Research Associate Professor

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