Gray Group publishes luminescent, electroactive boron complexes

In DOE-funded research, graduate student Matthew Chrzanowski and undergraduate student Stephanie Collins (now in the PhD program at UC-Berkley) in the laboratory of Thomas Gray, investigated 9-Borabicyclononane bipyridyl complexes that fluoresce in solution while also possessing multiple, reversible reductions.  The fundamental work studying boron-centered molecules opens opportunities to use...

Former Crespo Group member Brennan Ashwood selected as the recipient for the 2020 ASP Editor’s Student Research Award

This award honors an individual who has published outstanding research as a first author in Photochemistry & Photobiology, the official journal of American Society for Photobiology (ASP), within three years of being nominated for the award. Congratulations to Brennan for winning this prestigious award. You can read Brennan's contribution...

Crespo Group Publishes Article in Nature Communications

Congratulations to the Crespo Group on their recent publication in Nature Communications, “Detection of the thietane precursor in the UVA formation of the DNA 6-4 photoadduct”

Gray group publishes new study of triplet excited states in gold(I) alkynyls

In AFOSR-funded research, graduate student J. J. Mihaly, in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Purdue University, has completed an extensive study of the synthesis and photophysics of triplet-photoactive gold(I) alkynyls, with comparisons to the corresponding gold(I) aryls.  Ultrafast spectroscopic studies reveal efficient intersystem crossing and high...

Gray group publishes luminescent platinum(II) isonitriles

In DOE-funded research, undergraduate Mengdi Li and graduate student Ted Liska in the laboratory of Thomas Gray, in collaboration with the university of Houston and Purdue University, have discovered platinum(II) isonitrile complexes that phosphoresce in solution and the solid state.  Triplet-state light emitters have potential applications in the design...

Gray group publishes new class of phosphorescent platinum(II) complexes

DOE-funded research by graduate student Ted Liska and undergraduate Anna Swetz in the laboratory of Thomas Gray, in collaboration with the University of Houston and Purdue University, has uncovered a chelating ligand that combines with platinum(II) alkynyls to yield efficient solid-state triplet light emission.  Read about it in Chem....

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Crespo Group paper selected as one of the top in P&P

The recent paper, “The Triplet State of 6-thio-2′-deoxyguanosine: Intrinsic Properties and Reactivity Toward Molecular Oxygen” by Crespo Group members, Marvin Pollum and Luis Ortiz-Rodriguez was selected as one of the top papers published in Photochemistry and Photobiology for P&P’s virtual issue celebrating the publications 55th anniversary.