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Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Chemistry Master of Science program offers the Leadership, Enrichment, and Academic Development (LEAD) Scholars program designed for students who wish to grow, connect, and learn with their fellow classmates outside of the classroom, creating leaders and innovators in the science community.

Students selected as Chemistry LEAD Scholars receive and take part in the following:

Academic Scholarship

Receive a partial academic scholarship dependent upon:

–Continued success in the Master of Science in Chemistry program
–Active participation in LEAD academic and career mentoring
–Participation in specialized career and leadership development programs

Academic & Career Mentoring

Benefit from one-on-one mentoring, as well as LEAD cohort meetings.

–Learn about what Case Western Reserve University’s community and the greater Cleveland area has to offer
–Develop and form relationships with members in the community
–Become a strong and confident community leader and researcher

Specialized Career and Leadership Development Programs

Participate in programs that offer breadth and depth in multifaceted areas in collaboration with departments across the campus. Examples of programs are:

–Orientation: Getting to know your campus resources
–Diversity, Inclusion, and Identity
–Leadership development
–Career development (speaker series, internship placements in industry)

All MS applicants are welcome to apply to be a part of this innovative program. To apply to become a Chemistry LEAD scholar, please fill out the following application here. In five sentences, explain why you should be chosen to be a LEAD Scholar and how you will benefit from the program. This short response and your overall application package will be evaluated.



Program RequirementsLEAD Scholars Guide

The program requires full participation in programs and mentoring opportunities related to four different areas: Leadership, Communication, Career, and Life at CWRU

Year One:

Students will attend a program in each category. In the first semester, students will attend monthly one-on-one meetings with their mentor. In the second semester, they will meet with their mentor every four to six weeks. Mentors are individuals who work throughout the university, not just in the Chemistry Department.

Year Two:

Students will focus on their career path and career goals while working closely with our Career Center and mentors.

At the end of a student’s studies, if all requirements are met, students will receive a Chemistry LEAD Scholars certificate, and will additionally be awarded an International Success Ambassador certificate.


Apply to be a Chemistry LEAD Scholar!


For specific questions, or to request additional information about the LEAD Scholars program, please contact us at chemistry@case.edu.