For Current or Visiting CWRU Students

The university is glad to provide academic support. Educational Services for Students (ESS) organizes supplemental instruction for specific courses, tutoring, study tips, and even individual consultations. Please see them first and foremost; they are an excellent resource.

Another option is to ask your instructor. He or she may personally know of a reliable tutor, or recommend a supplementary text, website, or other aid.

The third option is to post a classified ad for a tutor in the Case Forum, The Observer student newspaper, or hang paper ads on approved bulletin boards or kiosks offering a reasonable pay rate.

For Unaffiliated Students

The department does not currently organize tutoring or supplemental help for students who are not enrolled at CWRU. Of course you may still politely ask one of our professors if they know of a resource for you, but they are generally busy and under no obligation to provide outside help. Similarly you can hang paper ads on campus kiosks, but we cannot guarantee results.

We are looking into further options at this time.

Official Rules

According to the Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook:
Chemistry graduate students may participate as tutors in the University tutorial program for up to a maximum of 6 hours per week provided they have the approval of their research advisor, the instructor of the tutee’s course, and the Department Chair.