Undergraduate Honors Program in Chemistry

Chemistry majors who have excellent academic records are invited at the end of their junior year to participate in the Honors Chemistry Program.  To graduate with “Honors in Chemistry” a student must satisfy the following requirements:

I. Academic Excellence: Academic excellence must be demonstrated in both chemistry and overall undergraduate course work. This is measured by a combined grade point average of 3.5 in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics and an overall grade point average of 3.2.

II. Undergraduate Research: A minimum of 6 semester hours of laboratory research involving chemistry must be completed. The research requirements can be satisfied by:
A. Research conducted in the Chemistry Department as CHEM 397 or CHEM 398.
B. Research done under another course number.  Such research must be approved by the Undergraduate Committee of the Chemistry Department with respect to its chemical content.  Conditional approval should be sought prior to initiation of the work.

III.  Approval of a Senior Thesis: A thesis on the completed research in CHEM 397 or CHEM 398 must be approved.  All theses will be submitted to the Chemistry Undergraduate Committee along with a recommendation letter from the thesis adviser.  The Chemistry Undergraduate Committee will judge each thesis with respect to the level of research, the quality of the manuscript and the chemical content.  Special notice should be taken that research done outside of the Chemistry Department will not be judged appropriate for Honors in Chemistry unless its subject matter is primarily chemical.  The deadline for submitting a thesis is the last day of classes.


Questions regarding departmental honors in the chemistry department including should be directed to Drew Meyer (dam135@case.edu).