Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

Chemistry lectures are generally taught in Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TEC), which often include ceiling-mounted digital projectors, document cameras, and laptop computer connections. These rooms are booked through the Registrar’s Office.

Departmental Rooms

The Department of Chemistry controls Clapp 205, Millis 220A, and Millis 220B. Faculty and grad students can reserve them (or one of the digital LCD projectors) by contacting Please specify the date, start and end time, whether or not it is recurring, faculty member for contact, and general purpose for reservation (lab group meeting, oral qualifying exam, or PhD defense).

Room Type Seating Capacity Notes
Clapp 209 small conference room 8 Conference table (8 office chairs), whiteboard, LCD TV projector.
Millis 220A small conference room 20 Conference table (10 chairs), 10 standalone chairs, projector and screen.
Millis 220B classroom 35 Table, 35 student desk-chairs, marker board, chalkboard, projector and screen.
Millis 222 large conference room 25 Several conference tables, 2 marker boards, screen


The graduate lounge is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We ask that you keep them clean and orderly, and be mindful of students who wish to study.