Travel Request and Notification of Sick Days

Travel Request Form – Department Chair Approval (pdf)

For faculty. Please direct to your chair.

Travel Request Form – Dean Approval (pdf)

For faculty. Please direct to the dean.

Travel Authorization Form – Supervisor Approval (pdf)

For staff and students. Please direct to your supervisor.

Request for Vacation Time (pdf)

Graduate students: The form should be submitted to your advisor for a signature. Advisors: Please return the signed form to the graduate affairs coordinator.

Graduate Student Notification of Sick Days (pdf)

Notification of Sick Time for Graduate Students.


Certification of Thesis Completion (pdf)

Graduate students: The form must be completed by your advisor and must be included with a copy of your thesis to be given to each member of your thesis committee.

Ordering and Mailing

Order Blank (pdf)

For laboratory and other departmental purchases. Please return to our staff.

Mail Services

If you have questions regarding FedEx shipments, please see staff in the main office.