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Required Chemistry Courses

for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry degree

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Course Course Title Credits
CHEM 105 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHEM 106 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry Laboratory 2
CHEM 223
or CHEM 323
Introductory Organic Chemistry I
or Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 224
or CHEM 324
Introductory Organic Chemistry II
or Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 233 Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHEM 234
or CHEM 322
Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
or Laboratory Methods in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 301
or CHEM 335
Introductory Physical Chemistry I
or Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 302
or CHEM 336
Introductory Physical Chemistry II
or Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 304 [1] Quantitative Analytical Chemistry 2
CHEM 305 [2] Introductory Physical Chemistry Laboratory 3
CHEM 310 [1] Foundations of Analytical Chemistry 3
Total 31(32)

[1] CHEM 304 and CHEM 310 have been restructured as of fall 2012. CHEM 304 has been reduced from 4 credits to 2 credits, and the lab sections are now 3 hours instead of 5 hours long. CHEM 310 lecture is now a co-requisite. Students who have completed neither must add both courses to the SIS shopping cart in order to enroll.

[2] CHEM 305, CHEM 306, and CHEM 332 are approved departmental seminar courses. Chemistry and Chemical Biology majors do not have to take any other courses to fulfill the departmental seminar SAGES requirement.

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