Former Crespo Group member Brennan Ashwood selected as the recipient for the 2020 ASP Editor’s Student Research Award

This award honors an individual who has published outstanding research as a first author in Photochemistry & Photobiology, the official journal of American Society for Photobiology (ASP), within three years of being nominated for the award. Congratulations to Brennan for winning this prestigious award. You can read Brennan's contribution...

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Gray group publishes new study of triplet excited states in gold(I) alkynyls

In AFOSR-funded research, graduate student J. J. Mihaly, in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and Purdue University, has completed an extensive study of the synthesis and photophysics of triplet-photoactive gold(I) alkynyls, with comparisons to the corresponding gold(I) aryls.  Ultrafast spectroscopic studies reveal efficient intersystem crossing and high...

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