for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemical Biology degree

Six credits of Advanced Electives are required. Courses from other allied departments, e.g., Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, or Macromolecular Science and Engineering, numbered 300 or higher, could be used to fulfill this requirement. Course specific approval should be addressed with the Undergraduate Affairs Committee of the chemistry department.

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Chemistry Courses
CHEM 302 Introductory Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 311 Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 324 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 325 Physical Methods for Determining Organic Structure
CHEM 329 Chemical Aspects of Living Systems
CHEM 333 Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development
CHEM 339 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 397 Undergraduate Research
Biochemistry Courses
BIOC 308 Genes and Genetic Engineering
BIOC 312 Proteins and Enzymes
BIOC 334 Structural Biology
Biology Courses
BIOL 300 Dynamics of Biological Systems
BIOL 306 Dynamics of Biological Systems II
BIOL 328 Plant Genomics and Proteomics
BIOL 334 Structural Biology
BIOL 343 Microbiology
Chemical Engineering Courses
ECHE 361 Separations Processes
ECHE 364 Chemical Reaction Processes
Macromolecular Science Courses
EMAC 303 Structure of Biologic Materials
EMAC 370 Polymer Chemistry and Industry