BA/MS or BS/MS Program in Chemistry and BA/MS in Chemical Biology


The combined BA/MS or BS/MS program is designed for a student who is majoring in chemistry or chemical biology and who wishes to pursue a MS degree in chemistry. 9 credits of graduate coursework can be counted toward both the BA/BS and MS degrees as indicated below. A student in the dual degree program may still use an undergraduate scholarship for the 4th year of college.


MS Program Requirements

Component Credits
Graduate Courses 30 total required for MS degree
    graded graduate courses     21 or more
    CHEM 507, 508 or CHEM 601     3
    CHEM 300 courses, CHEM 507, 508, 601, 605     6 or fewer
Graduate Courses counted for both degrees – 9
18 additional credits for MS degree


The typical combined degree program of study includes 12 credits of 400 level courses and 9 credits of CHEM 601 for a total of 21 credits of graduate courses. 6 credits of advanced undergraduate courses (CHEM 300 courses) contribute the remaining 6 credits for the MS degree.

Applying to the Program

A student must apply for admission to the BS/MS or BA/MS Program in Chemistry by the 2nd semester of the junior year (between 75 and 90 credits). Before applying, a student must complete the general education requirements: SAGES courses except Capstone and 2 semesters of Physical Education. For details of the application process, please see the School of Graduate Studies website. The student must also apply to the Chemistry Graduate Program.


For questions about the program, please contact Drew Meyer ( in the chemistry department or Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies Claudia Anderson ( in the Dean’s office.