Emeritus Professor Barry Miller awarded Edward Goodrich Acheson Award

Emeritus Professor Barry Miller is this year’s recipient of the Electrochemical Society’s Edward Goodrich Acheson Award. This biennial award is given to recognize members of the Electrochemical Society for their “conspicuous contribution to the advancement of the objectives, purposes, and activities of the society (ECS)”. Such an accolade is well deserved for Professor Miller’s longtime commitment to the Electrochemical Society, Inc.

Barry Miller served as President of the Electrochemical Society, Inc. (1997-1998) and as Editor of The Journal of the Electrochemical Society (1990-1995).  He is a graduate of Princeton University A.B. summa cum laude in 1955 and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1959. Professionally he has been an Instructor in Chemistry at Harvard University (1959-1962), Member of the Technical Staff of AT&T Bell laboratories (1962-1993), Frank Hovorka Professor of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University (1993-2000) and has held the latter title as emeritus professor since retirement in 2000.

He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of ECS (1987-1989 and 1994-1998), Chairman of the Physical Electrochemistry Division (1987-1989), a member of many committees, and co-organizer of various symposia in the ECS, notably among them the first Symposium on Fullerenes: Physics, Chemistry, and New Directions (1991) and the initial Symposia on High Temperature Superconductors (1988-1989).  

Outside of ECS he has served as President of the Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry, Chairman of the Gordon Conference on Electrochemistry, Associate Member of the IUPAC Commission of Electrochemistry, and as National Secretary of the International Society of Electrochemistry.  Additionally he has been a member of U.S. Government Panels including the Panel on the  US Advanced Battery Consortium of the National Research Council and the Cold Fusion Panel of the Department of Energy.

Among his previous recognition has been the David C. Grahame Award in Physical Electrochemistry from the ECS Division (1991), Fellow of the Electrochemical Society (1992). Charles N. Reilley Award from the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry 1994), Honorary Member of the ECS (1999), and the Ernest B. Yeager Award of the Cleveland Section of the ECS (2004).