Payel Datta

Full-time Lecturer

Clapp 206

Other Information

Degree: PhD, Kent State University


  • PhD in Chemistry, Kent State University (2022)
  • M.S. in Chemistry, Presidency University (2015)
  • B.S. in Chemistry, Siliguri College (2013)


Selected Publications

  • Datta, P.; Zheng, Y-R.; Development of Pt-Ru conjugate toward eliminating drug-resistant ovarian cancer, manuscript under progress.
  • Mann khettri, Payel Datta, Wjdan Jogadi, Optimization of Potency of Pt(IV) prodrugs via a small library of Pt(IV) derivatives, manuscript under progress
  • Datta, P.; Bang, S.; Yue, Z.; Beach, T.; Stilgenbauer, M.; Wang, H.; Bowers, D.J.; Kurakawa, M.; Xiao, H.; Zheng, Y-R.; Engineering Liposomal Nanoparticles of Cholesterol Tethered Amphiphilic Pt(IV) Prodrugs with Prolonged Circulation Time in Blood. Dalton Trans., 2020, 49, 8107 – 8113.
  • Jayawardhana, A.; Stilgenbauer, M.; Datta, P.; Qiu, Z.; Mckenzie, S.; Wang, H.; Kurokawa, M.; Zheng, Y-R.; Fatty Acid Like Pt(IV) Prodrugs Overcome Cisplatin Resistance in Ovarian Cancer by Harnessing CD36. Chem. Chomm. 2020, 56, 10706 – 10709.
  • Stilgenbauer, M.; Jayawardhana, A.; Datta, P.; Yue, Z.; Gray, M.; Nielson, F.; Miterko, M.; Bowers, D.J.; Xiao, H.; Zheng, Y-R. *;A Spermine-Conjugated Lipophilic Pt(IV) Prodrug Designed to Eliminate Cancer Stem Cells in Ovarian Cancer. Chem. Comm., 2019, 55, 6106 – 6109.
  • Datta, P.; Sepay, N.; Banerjee, S.; Sau, A.; Mukhopadhyay, G.; Synthesis & characterization of iminopyridine ligands: A study towards Pd- catalysed Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction, International Journal of Pharmacy and Engineering, 2016, 4 (3), 711-727.
  • Sepay, N.; Datta, P.; Rajeevan, R.; Mukhopadhyay, G.; Synthesis of newly designed resveratrol derivative, International Journal of Pharmacy and Engineering, 2016, 4 (3), 700-710.

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