This facility is located in the Department of Chemistry, CWRU in Room No. G10 and is overseen by NMR Instrumentation Program Administrator, Dr. Nalinda Wickramasinghe (Email:

We have 2 magnets with different field strengths:

500 MHz Bruker Ascend Avance III HDTM equipped with ProdigyTM ultra-high sensitivity Multinuclear Broadband CryoProbe, having high sensitivity, 2H lock channel.

CryoProbe Prodigy BBO features

  • Observe & Inverse detection in full automation
  • Capable of doing NMR on wide range of Nuclei from 15N-31P, 1H & 19F
  • S/N gain on 15N-31P: factor ~2 to 3x
  • S/N gain on 1H/19F channel: factor ~2x
  • Cold preamplifiers for all nuclei (BB/1H/2H)
  • Z-gradient
  • Combined with Automated Tuning and Matching Accessory (ATMA)
  • 0°C–80°C sample temperature range
  • It has Sample JETTM an auto sampler changer attached to it, which allows 500 samples to be analyzed for large screening projects.

The broadband (BBO) configuration of the Prodigy enables time-consuming heteronuclear NMR experiments to be performed up to ten times faster, expanding on the versatility and flexibility known from broadband RT probes. In addition proton or fluorine detected experiments will benefit from the doubling in signal to noise. This machine is ideal for small molecule routine labs in academia, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

400 MHz Varian Inova equipped with a 5mm Quad-Nuclei Probe for 1H/19F, 13C/31P only with PFG (Pulse Field Gradients). Software is VNMRJ1.1C running on a SUN Blade 150.

These instruments can perform various kinds of one- and two-dimensional (COSY, NOESY, ROESY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMQC, HMBC, etc.) NMR experiments on various nuclei like, 1H/19F/13C/31P/ 29Si, etc.


  • NMR 400: internal (CWRU) users: day time 14$/hr and night time/weekends 8$/hr
    External (non CWRU) users: 100$/hr any time
  • NMR 500: internal (CWRU) users: day time 20$/hr and night time/weekends 15$/hr
    External (non CWRU) users: 100$/hr any time
LCQ Advantage MS               ($/hour) LCQ DECA MS ($/hour) Atomic Absorption  ($/hour) KRATOS MS25 HRMS ($/hour) Thermo GC/MS ($/hour)
Academic Rate 11.37 15.11 6.41 34 8
Industrial Rate ≥50 ≥50 ≥50 ≥50 ≥50