Research Facilities frequently used by Chemistry


Northeast Ohio High Field NMR Facility

This facility houses state of the art NMR instruments, including a 500 MHz Bruker Ascend Avance III HD instrument equipped with Multinuclear Broadband Cryoprobe and full automation, and a new Bruker 700 MHz NMR.


High Performance Computing

Provides multi-purpose, high performance computational resources that allow users to run many single or parallel jobs.


Soft Matter Characterization Laboratories

This facility includes thermal analysis, molecular weight characterization, an Apreo 2 Scanning Electron Microscopy and a new automated multipurpose X-ray diffractometer for power diffraction, thin film metrology and SAXS.


Materials for Optoelectronic Research and Education (MORE) Center

This facility enables the fabrication and characterization of materials and devices for solar energy and emerging electronic and optoelectronic technology.


Swagelock Center for the Surface Analysis of Materials (SCSAM)

This is a facility for micro characterization of materials, and includes Scanning Electron Microscopes, a Veeco Dimension 3100 Atomic Force Microscope, Surface analytical instruments such as an XPS and a NanoTOF Time-of-Flight Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometer, X-Ray Fluorescence, Optical Profilometer, access to TEMs, and a brand new Rigaku SmartLab Multi-Purpose XRD System.


Sears Think[box]

A place where you can bring ideas to life. It is the largest open-access innovation center and makerspace in the United States.



A full list of all core facilities on campus can be found HERE.